W.T. Dawson and H.W. Pettit Gippsland place names and vocabulary

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[MITCHELL RIVER- crossed out]
Merrindal - a large mountain on the Maneroo Road
Merrindal-mungie - a small river running from Maneroo Road
Boulong-dirra - Dargo Station, Mackintosh
Tail-waddy - Mount Ewing
Toorn-dung - Pretty Boy Mount
Tulloo-bowie - Yellowman's nob
Recamermetta - Cobbler's Creek
Booloongwall - Mt. Taylor
Bullumwaal - two spears: Mt Taylor Mt Lookout (AWH)
Tooculerdoyung - Point on River
Berpercutty - Callaghan's Swamp
Toon-toon - Creek from McLeod's Morass
Bunk-un-wal - mouth of Lguana Creek
Doogooree - Glenaladale
Curl-wun - Bluff at Mt Taylor
Nibber - Lucknow
Wyong (duck) - Bairnsdale
Narran (Eagle) - Eagle Point

BraberwollongMitchell River and Bruthen Blacks
Dulungalong} – Lakes Blacks
Crow-widgingolongSnowy River Blacks
BradolongBuckley’s Blacks
Briagolong – Macmillans Blacks

Cunni, Kanni, Gooni, Kurnai - Black man
Bullaru (O) - Black woman
Wermberooket - Black woman
Jerribung (O), Bourdan, Bourdi - old man
Bullurn-machu - old gin
Milung (O) very old gin
Tallu-bordine - little old man
Tallu-murt, Talla-mart - young master
Warrumbull (O) young fellow
Coungulla (O) Coungulla - wild blackfellow

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