W.T. Dawson and H.W. Pettit Gippsland place names and vocabulary

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Weeandween - Grand father
Moongan, Monghun - Father
Yuckun, Yuccan, Youckun - Mother
Carrajung - Sister
Curramoi - Orphan
Jaigong - Fatherless
Omigorn - Motherless
Yunki - Friend
Gillbranging - mate
Lourn, Loon - white man
Lournakis, Loonikin, Lournagill - white woman

Goundul (O) Ming eye
Goundiloonana O - eyes
Nowdna (O), Ghoong, Nourdna - nose
Gurnuic - mouth
Nirrang (O), Keerang, Nunduc - teeth
Thaan - lips
Wing - ear
Lid - Hair
Yarn, Lid - Beard
Peundull - shoulder joint
Nucbindun - right arm
Warrungun - left arm
Boon - wrist
Breert, brait - fingers
Yuccan-breert, Youckun-brait - thumb (mother of fingers)
Bingee (P) Belly
Narbruc - ribs
Lairnburk - beautiful breasts
Craook - entrails
Boulgan-doolet - heart
Wullong - kidney
Wulla-wulluck - liver
Nulluc - skin
Nends-buttagwanga - tube connected with paunch

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Summary MS 9356 [Series] Correspondence and notes concerning aboriginal tribes - Aboriginal tribes of Victoria. [Sub Series] Yaitmathang or Omeo tribes [Item Title] Typescript copy of article by W. T. Dawson and J. H. W. Pettit titled 'Gippsland vocabularies and place names: obtained and recorded in the fifties by W. T. Dawson, District Surveyor, and J. H. W. Pettit, Surveyor' with annotations to show Omeo District. [Summary note] 15 pages. Box 1054 [Folder] 2(c) [State Library Victoria record 2018]
Physical Description Typescript copy of article with a front page with handwritten title 'Dawson and Pettit Gippsland Aboriginal Vocabularies' and an annotation bottom left, 'M.E.B. Howitt, Eastwood, Lucknow.'