Taplin to Fison 7/1/1873

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No. 1 1 - Ngailye Point Macleay
7 January 1873

The Revd L Fison
My dear Sir
I have to apologize for not
having answered your letters of the 16th
Novr and 13 Decr last before now. It
has been harvest time, and is so still
and I have been very busy. I have
the management of a large Farm
in connection with this Station in
addition to other duties, and the
work has absorbed the whole of my
time. I especially thank you for
your last letter, as I had no idea
that the paper on Native Language
had been published and am very
much obliged to you for letting me
know of it. At the request of
the Aborigines Department in the
Government of this Colony, I sent in
two papers, one on the Diseases of
the Aborigines, and another, with
a table of languages, on the language
of the Aborigines. His Excellency Sir
Jas Fergusson
sent them to England
and I received through him the
thanks of Earl Kimberly, and an
expression of opinion from Max
that they were of value.

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