Taplin to Fison 7/1/1873

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I afterwards saw a statement in the
Home News that a paper had been
read upon my documents at a
meeting of the Anthropological Society,
and I noticed that some of the speakers
said things which I should ahve
been very pleased to have had an
opportunity to controvert. But there
I supposed the affair would end,
and my health became bad, and
I was unfit for mental labout
so I thought little more upon
the subject. I have been trying
ever since I got your letter to get
a copy of the Periodical which you
say it appeared in, but [crossed out - until]
[crossed out - now] without success. I do not hope
to get it in Adelaide. If you
could get me a copy in Melbourne
and send it to me I should be
very grateful, and would willingly
pay the cost.
Your theory of a barbaric family among
the natives composed of brothers holding
women in common is singularly
corroborated by Schurmann on the
Pamkalla (Port Lincoln) Tribes. x He says
"As for near relatives, such as brothers,
it may almost be said that they
have their wives in common. It is a
recognised custom about which not
the least shame is felt. A peculiar
nomenclature has arisen from these
singular connexions; a woman honours
x Date 1846

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