Howitt to Fison 3 October 1878

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Oct 3 1878

My dear Mr Fison
Your letter of 10th Sep just to hand
on my return from a journey. As I do not
know when the Fiji post leaves [here- crossed out] Melbourne
and as I shall be away for a week - I leave
this tomorrow. I have thought it best to
write a few lines in reply. I have not much
to say but I am desirous of impressing upon
you the advisability of holding our hands
as regards sending off our manuscript
to Morgan until you have seen my [paper- crossed out]
contribution. As soon as I return from
my impending journey I shall see to
and make a copy of my "draft" for you.
I am afraid my contribution to your
expert part will be but poor. I will do
my best you may be sure but as regards the
kinships and class and totems and thier
study you are "facile princeps". I don't
mind in the least which way the paper
is arranged so long as you let me have
my own way! And you need not in the least fear
that I shall think you are making capital
out of me. I look upon the whole work
The Revd Lorimer Fison

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