Howitt to Fison 3 October 1878

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one in which we are both interested
to the extent of our individual labours
When I receive your copy - which has not
yet reached me - I shall know more
what to do. I am ready to amalgamate,
to print matter separately, to give you the whole
of mine so long as the work is done and done
well. I hope that the lives of the subject leave
in me no room for any jealous feeling
- I don't think I am given to that kind of thing
and if I were - what I have seen of the
H. C. would have caused one. His book is
disappointing - it is much of a compilation
and [what I can - crossed out] that which I can test
is not accurate. I am disgusted with
my contribution about the Gippsland tribe.
I never saw a proof and the mess is something
to make one's hair stand on end.
There are even statements in our paper
which I cannot conceive I made, and
can only imagine that coming to my writing
the printer made a mess of it
and that the H. C. tried to set it right.
I don't think you need spend £3.3.0 on it.
I would sell my copy cheap. There is nothing
much about our subject - and if the H. C.
ever wrote anything he afterwards burnt it - perhaps
at the same time [with your - crossed out] when your
manuscript were burned accidentally by
the office keeper! (so saith rumour)

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