Howitt to Fison 26 January 1880

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to speak colonially be "ropeable" that
so rampant that of a "cattle" he would
have to be roped. You are quite right
as to the sentences you quote "consanguine and
commune" - I was not satisfied myself
and am not yet to the precise terms I
shall use. I adopt with pleasure your
suggestion as to the second part of the Summary -
-shall we call it "Summary + general
conclusions" - I do not at present see
a better title. I propose to take out
most of my summary from the
Kurnai - and to expand it so as
to embrace all I want to say - I am
afraid that I shall tread on the toes
of more than Lubbock but I cannot
help it. I am now at work drafting
the skeleton of [the -crossed out] my part of the summary
and shall carry it about with me until
I have the rough draft completed.
If I have time I will send you a copy
for criticism. It is better thus and then
no one of your friends will be able
to wrongfully regard me as the "Man
of Sin."

I am not sure that I quite
agree with your note to p.46

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Document Details

Date 26 January 1880
Letter From Howitt, Alfred William
Letter To Fison, Reverend Lorimer
Country Australia
Holding Institution St Mark's National Theological Centre
Collection Name Alan Tippett/Lorimer Fison Collection
Registration Number tip70-10-34-2
Medium Letter
Region Gippsland
Locality Sale
Summary Further discussions and comment/changes to latest versions of drafts for the forthcoming joint publication, Kamilaroi and Kurnai. Also includes discussion of print runs, and circulation of the final publication.
Physical Description Handwritten in ink, signed and dated. Letter ends without a signature, however annotation and signature are located top of first page.