Howitt to Fison 5 November 1880

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I will ask Robertson's manager about this.
However I am afraid that publishers will not
push a work so well in which they have
only a percentage interest as one in which they
have a capital interest. I shall also write
and ask Robertson's manager re Holts New York
that is as to exactly what has been done.

I will with pleasure write a short
paper in the Orestes Blood feud for the
Victoria Review on the understanding that
you are in it with me. I will even make
it by AWH & LF. I now propose that as you
have my rough notes by you that you draft
out your ideas in connection with mine and
send me the lot - for I am not sure that I
have copies of all I sent on that point ( the
blood feud) - I will then do my best
to work it up into final form. I can if you
like to put it so in want of your classical
knowledge on this subject as I now doubt
the soundness of mine. I shall like to do
the paper in this way - and I don't think
I will do it any other way. The partnership
is formed and I don't feel inclined
to start in business alone. Mean while
as there will be a couple of months before I
can receive the rough draft from you

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Document Details

Date 5 November 1880
Letter From Howitt, Alfred William
Letter To Fison, Reverend Lorimer
Country Australia
Holding Institution St Mark's National Theological Centre
Collection Name Alan Tippett/Lorimer Fison Collection
Registration Number tip70-10-34-20
Medium Letter
Region Gippsland
Locality Sale
Summary Discussion regarding their publication, Kamilaroi and Kurnai and reviews. Mention of correspondents, geology and further publishing.
Physical Description Handwritten in ink, signed and dated.