Howitt to Fison 18 February 1880

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2. The present social condition of the Australian
tribes lies between communal and
individual marriage.

3. The (Early or Primitive) condition of the Australian
savage was that of a commune.

4. Relationship is to the group.

5. The communal principle is [still- crossed out] strongly
evident in Australian aboriginal society.
(a) Sir J Lubbock's view as to the individual
responsibility of the Australian savage rejected.
(a) [sic] the view of Sir H Maine and Professor
as for archaic society.

6. The Degradation and Progressive theories

7. Marriage by capture in the Australian tribes
(a) the view of Sir J Lubbock
(b) the view of Mr McLennan- both rejected

8. Analysis between the Kurnai and Historical Archaic

9. General conclusions.

I have the whole now roughly drafted out and I await
your next letter - if it is delayed I may even set
to and send you a copy which you will be at
liberty to cut and prune as you like.

Yours faithfully

AW Howitt

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