Howitt to Fison 17 March 1880

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[written at top of page]
Thanks for the
draft - I shall
I daresay use it
when I go to
I hope it will
be necessary to do so

Sale March 17 1880

My dear Mr Fison
After a ten days absence I returned home
late last night and found your manuscript and
letter and the first rough draft re M. by Cup which
I sent you. As I see there is a mail for Fiji tomorrow
I write a few lines to save time. I think the
arrangement you propose for our work will be a
very good one. It is systematic and it will have
the additional recommendation that the Man
of Sin will be by himself and his partner
can not be charged with becoming [??]
perhaps by contact and contiguity

When I receive the other of my rought drafts which
I sent you and have so to say the whole work
before me I shall carefully read it through
from beginning to end. I will read my little notes
I [?may think wanted to your part?] - they will be

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