Howitt to Fison 17 March 1880

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very few I know owing to the completeness of
your work. I will carefully weigh my part
and will both guard my statements - and
soften those which may seem likely to give
offence to your brethren and perhaps thereby
bring them about your ears. The difficulty is
this - to state my views - which I firmly believe
to be founded on the truth - in such a manner
as shall fail to raise a loud echo in the
"Damn Ecclesiaties" I shall add a note
or make a statement which must relieve you
of any complaint on my views. You wrote a
note in Morgan's Introduction - I shall I think add
a few words to it also and will see to the references to
your map being put out.

I adopt the title "Kamilaroi Marriage" - I have
felt that "Australian" might be too large and
I feel now that were [sic] are on the path to
discovering many things which we did not
think of - for instance as to the prevalence

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