Howitt to Fison 17 March 1880

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a recognised means of bringing about
marriage in Australia

The Royal Society has no funds or they would
join with pleasure. This simplifies matters
I anticipate that I shall go to Melbourne during
April and may before that commence by issuing
our announcment and as soon there after as
possible shall send the preliminary circulars
to all the libraries and Mechanics Institutes
in the colonies. I only want Morgan to send
my manuscript and map to be ready to
launch the ship and even without them
I could make shift to get ready for sea.

By the Bye spealing of the man of sin
arguments my wife said this morning
"tell Mr Fison that if it had not been for
the third partner putting in her oar there
would have been passages that would have
brought all Exeter State upon you both"
I am afraid that this charge against me

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