Jack Wetherly

Brother of Bebejen (Barak's father), Jack Wetherly was recorded as spending time around what is now Dandenong. Reverend Clow's son had settled around Dandenong in 1838 and the reverend knew Jack Wetherly - he noted Wetherly was entrusted to send a message and provisions from the Clows to their son and described Wetherly as 'one of the most athletic and expert of his tribe' in hunting. Barak described Jack Wetherly as the man who stood beside and 'gave the word' of Captain Turnbull.
James Clow, 'No. 15', in T. F. Bride, Letters from Victorian Pioneers, Robt S Brain, Government Printer, Melbourne, 1898, pp. 100-108, 102-103.

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