Augustus Hooke

Augustus Hooke was born in 1866 at Dungog. He, along with many of his family, remained in the region for the remainder of his life, working as a grazier and respected horse breeder at the Turee and Turree Vale stations near Cassilis. In addition, he inherited his parents’ station Tia, at Walcha in 1905. Augustus was described as a large man, being 6 foot 3 and 22 stone ‘in his prime’ and a ‘splendid type of Australian manhood’. This reputation was probably underpinned by his repute as a sportsman, enjoying racing, polo, playing golf, pigeon shooting and cricket. He died in 1921, aged 56.
Howitt used information provided by Hooke for his 1904 book. From the archives, it would appear that Hooke came to Howitt’s attention in 1882 after responding to a request from John Fraser for information about Aboriginal people. Howitt’s notes, and the information identified by Howitt in his book as coming from Hooke, indicate Hooke and Howitt had a lengthier correspondence than is contained within the collections of the holding institutions involved in this project.
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