Otto Siebert

German Lutheran Missionary who co-wrote 'Legends of the Dieri and Kindred Tribes of Central Australia' with Howitt and published 'Some Native Legends from Central Australia' with Mary E. B. Howitt. Siebert learnt Dieri language to preach to those living at the Bethesda mission. He interviewed Aboriginal men and women, under guidance from Howitt, and collected a range of items including baskets, spears and seed specimens. A number of these are at the Museum Weltkulturen in Frankfurt, Germany. Siebert, among other German missionaries, was chastised for his ethnographic interest. It was felt this distracted him from matters such as conversion of Aboriginal people to the Christian faith.
See also: Chris Nobbs, 'Talking into the Wind: Collectors on the Cooper Creek, 1890-1910' in Nicolas Peterson, Lindy Allen and Louise Hamby, The Makers and Making of Indigenous Australian Museum Collections, Melbourne University Press, Carlton, 2008, pp. 206-234.

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