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per Billy Wood 18 July 1886 ? (Mt Angus Range track)

Bulum-Baukan stole the fire from the Kurnai and was carrying
it away up to the sky by way of Wilsons Promontory ( )
when Bulumbaukan [was - crossed out] got to the top Būlūm tūt took a cord
of Emu sinews and threw it up so that it stuck fast in the
sky (Maiaura). Then he pulled at it to see if it would bear his weight, but
it broke. Then he tried a cord of the sinews of the Kangaroo's (Piraua) tail
but that broke. Then he tried some made of the sinews of the Red Wallaby (Guniar)
and that held fast and did not break when he tried it. Then he
said to Bulum Baukan "You hold me round the neck
with your hands. When Baukan did his Bullum tūt began
to climb up to the sky. Now when Ngarugal the crow
saw [them- crossed out] Bulum Baukan steal the fire he told ___ the
Swamp Hawk, who flew after them and beat Bulum Baukan
with his wings so that a piece of the fire fell down on
the ground. The Bribben (Petroica tricolor) caught the fire
and [blew it - crossed out] blowing it into a blaze, rubbed it over [on- crossed out] her breast.
In this way the Kurnai got back their fire, but the Bulum Tut
climbed up to the sky carrying Bulumbaukan and they never
came back.

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Date 18 Jul 1886
Letter From
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Author Howitt, Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 522
Medium Notes
Region Gippsland
Summary "The story as told by Billy Wood, of how fire was stolen from the Kurnai by Bulum-baukun, and retrieved. The crow and swamp hawk attacked Balum-Baukan, and a piece of fire fell back to earth. Details in the heading and body of text are difficult to decipher. The name or place top right especially so. Perhaps Mr Angus Raupt?? or Mt Angus Range??. The date is also possibly, 1880, 1885 or 1886.
Physical Description Notes, handwritten in ink. Date at top of page followed by a question mark. A number 6 is circled at top left of page. One foolscap sheet, one page. Condition: reverse is marked from handling.