Billy Wood

A Brayakaulung man who attended the 1884 Jeraeil. In 1867 Billy gained some local notoriety for rescuing a Mr McLachlan who was swept into the Macalister River with his horse. Billy quickly prepared a canoe, got McLachlan out of the water and returned them both to shore. The reporting on this rescue not only highlighted Billy’s skills, but his calm demeanour in dealing with a drowning man who was unable to swim. Rev Hagenauer noted in 1880 that Billy remained ‘left out’ living on Country and not in Ramahyuck. In 1887 Billy accompanied Howitt on a journey of ‘discovery’ as guide and knowledge holder across Billy’s Country to Lake Tali Karng near Mount Wellington, a place Billy had childhood memories of. He shared knowledge of plants and place names as well as other cultural knowledge with Howitt. Billy died shortly after his travels with Howitt.
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