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Transcription - Page 35

the old people told me
that if you roast a
possum leave it there
the Mūrŭp will
come behind you
to warm himself and
will eat the possum.
When a blackfellow
kills a possum and
eats some and leaves the
rest the Mūrŭp comes
and eats. ----------

Tham-bŭrr = grave

Sometimes Mūrŭp
comes back to the
grave and looks

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at it and says
that is my possum rug
that is my body.
Once [at the side the- crossed out)]
near Mansfield
[Cathedral on the Goulburn- crossed out]
The people of Goulburn -
Devil River, Broken River
Kilmore - Camped
there [a little boy- crossed out]
[An old woman found - crossed out]
[a boy near Mansfield- crossed out]
[the newb - crossed out] Saw a [little boy - crossed out]
There was a new little
boy - to send about
from camp to camp
of possum and soon
An old woman
who had it not any
children saw him

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Author Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 759
Medium Notebook
Summary Belonging to A.W. Howitt. Anthropological notes, from front and back of notebook varied content including notes on language, social organisation and customs and legends. Discusses the Yarra Tribe and groups across eastern Victoria. Includes language notes and diagrams, kin terms, names of people along coast and Victorian group associations with localities. Notes on 'eaglehawk and bunjil'. Possibly information from Barak ''My name is Bairuk - grub of gum tree'. Illustrations of weapons and burial practices. Notes from Paterson's 'The History of New South Wales, from Its First Discovery to the Present Time.'
Physical Description Notebook, black, hard-covered, entries in pencil. Condition: fragile; first section of pages weakly attached. No clasp.