J. G. Frazer to Howitt 21 August 1906

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cost of distribution. That is,
I anticipate, a great deal more
than is necessary, especially if
all four papers sent to the
Anthrop. Institute are published
together in one number of the
journal. So please do not
send any more.

As to the number of
reprints, you will be able to
decide it for yourself when
you return the corrected proofs.
But, as I said, I should think
that 500 would do.

An idea has occurred to
me which I will mention. How
would it do to publish your
controversial papers as a volume, with
contributions by Spencer and
Gillen on the Central tribes
and by Roth on the Queensland
tribes? The Australian facts
have been so strangely misunder-
stood in Europe that a volume
correcting these misapprehensions
would be a real service to the

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Document Details

Date 21-Aug-06
Letter From Frazer, James George
Letter To Howitt, Alfred William
Country England
Holding Institution State Library of Victoria
Collection Name
Registration Number MS9356/56
Medium Letter
Locality Cambridge
Summary MS 9356 [Series] General correspondence with anthropologists. [Sub Series] James George Frazer to A. W. Howitt [Item Title] Letter from James George Fraser to A.W. Howitt. [Summary note] Trinity College, Cambridge. 4 pages. 1906 August 21. Box 1049 [Folder] 6(b) [State Library Victoria record 2018]
Physical Description Handwritten in ink. Dated , however not signed. The letter continues from page four to the margin of page one.