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Marangrang +c
Billy Macleod says that marangrang is
the “road to the sky” along which the
Yambo goes after death. He says it
is a “wan-wŭng” (road) to the wŭrt (sky)

Charly Rivers says that he does not
know much about it but that
he remembers when he was a
little boy hearing people talking
of it. His impression is that it
is something like steps for he
remembers that when the
Biraarks called the Mrarts
and you heard these latter whistling
shrilly in the air first on one
side and then on the other
that you then finally heard
them jumping down from
the Marangrang into the
ground. He says that the
Mrarts went up and then [?then?] this
Marangrang. He draws a
distinction between Yambo
and Mrart. Ascending to
his new Yambo is not only
that which is the living man but
also the “Tŭrdi-Kŭrnai” or dead
man which goes up the Marangrang
to the Wurt while the Mrart
is the resident of the Wūrt. In
otherwords the [Mr – crossed out] Yambo or Turdi-Kurnai
may be regarded as in time becoming a

[written in left side margin]


Turn = dead

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