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Billy Wood - a Braiaka of Kŭtbuntaura

Heyfield = Kluiŭng-wŭrŭk - Kluiŭng=cough
Yau-ŭn = Acacia Melanoxylon
Edible Wit-chun = An orchid (-look up sample)
Edible Mlang = "yam" (look up sample)
Edible Gūl Kan or Gūng Kan = an Edible fern
or [Gūl Kong - crossed out] Gūn Kan - ?Davallia
[Water - crossed out] Tára-wŭn= water cycad
Bálat = Exocarpus capressiformis
Tartīn = Blue egret
Melli = Cassinia
Tali-yai ŭng = morass [?curk?]
Katakátak - E. obliqua
Matingára = Yau-ŭt = E. Sieberiana
Kŭrambrŭk = Leptospermum at Morass Ck.
Tūmŭng = E. capitellata
Binak = E. viminalis, E. gunii, E. stuartiana
Gew-ŭn = Pteris aquilina
Lau a beri = Putty colored snake (?name)
Tūnyarūk = Black snake
Thūrūng = Brown snake
[Gai- crossed out] Ge-lŭng
Ngiabŭn = Tiger snake
Bŭtki-wótŭn = the Paps of Dura
Nigathorūk = Mt Wellington
[Willandūk - crossed out] Welwendūk = Ben Cruachan
Kára-Ke-ŭn = Tomahawk of porphyrite
or [?ptrnie?] of dusk color
Gweŭn = Tomahawk of light color stone
[These - crossed out] The stone for these was found
in the shingle of the Avon River + Ben Cruachan
in the Up Devonian area being fragments
of prophyrite worn flat by the river action.

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Author Howitt, Alfred William
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Summary MS 9356 [Series] Correspondence and notes concerning aboriginal tribes - Aboriginal tribes of Victoria. [Sub Series] Kurnai [Item Title] Notes by A. W. Howitt titled 'Kurnai. Various names of plants, language etc.'. [Summary note] Incorporates information from correspondents including Mr. McAlpine, J. C. McLeod and tribal informants. 145 pages. Box 1053 [Folder] 3(b) & 4(a) [State Library Victoria record 2018]
Physical Description Correspondence and notes.