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The Kurnai per Tommy Hoddinot

Tommy speaks Nūlert language and Billy Wood speaks
The people at Yanaki - when the sand hills are were called
by the name of the place - Nanjet - he says this name has something
to do with the "Badground".
The extreme end of Wilsons promontory is called Yīrŭk which
means a steep rocky place - or precipice.
Stockyard Creek (Foster) is called Kong-gong = White headed osprey.
The Tarwin River was beyond the Country of the Kurnai
- it is called as are the people - Toto-worra-worra.
It was not the practice of the Kurnai to take people's
Kidney fat; instead of killing them that way they did it by
Tallán-din (Noolert for Tongue-chokeing [sic])
or Tállan-dian (Mŭkthang for Tongue-choking) which
is the same as catching people with Barn.
It was the Brajerak and the Melbourne Blacks who caught people with strings and took
their fat - this was called by the Kurnai - ngarang = cord or string.

As for food prohibitions the following:
The Jeraeils might eat males if Dakwŭn = Bk Wallaby
[ditto] [ditto] Blāng = Ringtail
[ditto] [ditto] Baui = small scrub wallaby
[ditto] [ditto] Baiŭk = Bush rat
[ditto] [ditto] Menŭk = Bandicoot
[ditto] [ditto] Taiŭng = Rabbit Rat
[ditto] [ditto] Būnjil Wattŭn = Phascogale [?pencilata?]
[ditto] [ditto] Wrangŭn = Flying mouse
[ditto] [ditto] Wattŭn = opossum
[But they - crossed out]
But they might not eat either male or female of the
large black opossum called Brŭk.
Hoddinot says that on the mainland opposite to Rabbit Island
about a mile from the shore - not on high land - there is an
entrance to a cave which goes very far in - how far he
does not know. He had been in to it when a boy with
Morgan, Darby + Warrigal Jim. It is said that it was
the abode of Baakan.

[written in left side margin]
see p. 90

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