Comparative table of Wakelburra and Kurnai Relationships

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Martial Relationship

English, Wakelburra, Kurnai
Husband Yah Bra
Husband's brother Yah Bra
F Sister's husband ※ Yah Bra
wife ya [Bra - crossed out] Maian
wife's sister ya [Bra]- crossed out] Maian
M Brother's wife ※ Kokŭna or Berjunua [Bra]- crossed out] Maian

※These terms will probably not follow the Kurnai rule - as is seen in
M - Brother's wife = Kokuna

Fraternal Relationships
English Wakelbura Kurnai
1 Elder Brother Cathuna Tundung
2 Elder Sister Salingan (Tayling) Bauung
3 Younger Brother Waboo Bramung
4 Younger Sister Bolgan Lunduk
5 Father's brother's son Tundung or Bramung
6 Father's borther's daughter Bauung or Lunduk
7 Mother's sister's son Athana Tundung or Bramung
8 Mother's sister's daughter Bulora Bauung or Lunduk
9 Father's sister's son Brathera
10 Father's sister's daughter Kokuna ※ } as above
11 Mother's brother's son
12 Mother's brother's daughter mungaroo ※ } as above

※These will probably be formed to differ in the Wakelbura from 5, 6, 7, 8

N.B. It is not possible to say more until the Wakelbura column is filled in
Do not trouble to return these tables. I send them for your information
When you return me the circular filled in I can easily fill
in such tables as these.

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