AIATSIS code: E43
AIATSIS reference name: Yagalingu
'The data for Yagalingu are scarce. Tindale (1974:169) lists Wakelbara as a clan name of Jagalingu (E43). Breen describes Yagalingu as belonging to the Mari language family and contiguous with Biri dialects (2009:223); he indicates the weight of evidence links Yagalingu to the Bidjara E37 dialects and that it may be what Bidjara E37 speakers call Wadjaninga (2009:242). He identifies a word list compiled by Lowe in Curr (1887) - 'Belyando River' - as Yagalingu (1990). There is a name 'Wahgalubba' in Meston (1955, available from State Library of Queensland); if this is an alternative spelling of Wakelbara, Meston's work may be about Yagalingu'.
See: https://collection.aiatsis.gov.au/language/e43

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